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This new project is led by photographer Carolina Santos Noval and Iria Rodríguez who went to the Obock Refugee camp in Djibouti at the end of October. They will show a photography exposition related to the situation in the Markazi refugees camp in Djibouti ( Africa) and they will give an informative talk to explain the Direct Action Refugees activities, as the educational formation that Moncho Iglesias was given in May.


Acción Directa

Acción Directa Refugiados. (Direct Action Refugees).

We are a small group of independent volunteers  backed by people like you who believe that the best way to help is to find out what the REAL situation is ON the terrain, evaluate the situation and collaborate directly with the refugees, volunteers and the organizations which is working in the area. Acción Directa was created in Vigo (Spain) in April 2016.

Our philosophy is based on bringing the funds directly, and in person, right where they are most needed. 100% of the funds raised go DIRECTLY to the refugee camps. That’s right, every single euro.


junio 17 (Sábado) - 30 (Viernes)


Agrupación cultural Alexandre Bóveda

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