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Painting exhibition

We are living in war, a period of terrorist attacks, of no sense, of death, of flights, and also a period of politics. We live surrounded by fences, cultures, religions and even families. Geographic and political barriers are absolutely questionable when we speak about survival, when horror looks you in the eye there is only one chance, to move forward.

Syrian conflict begins its seventh year and figures of its consequences are devastating. Civil population live in constant horror fighting from terror and death, finding barriers in their ways, and political decisions that far from helping them make injustice and inequality more evident just because they want to live.

Children don´t attend their lessons, don’t eat in a healthy way, they don´t have medicines, they don´t play… they are just freezing while they wait or they run away… and meanwhile Europe is scared…. scared enough not to open their fences, scared of terrorist attacks,
scared of unemployment, scared of high mortgages and scared of risk bonuses.

In this context, Ali Ali, Syrian artist settled in A Coruña for more than ten years intends to be the voice of their compatriots though his personal fight in art. Ali Ali has been working for more than a year in this project that´s meant to be the most important of his career: a multidisciplinary exposition made by photography, engraving, painting, sculpture and music. He will use it as a weapon to condemn Syrian refugee’s situation in Europe, claiming for his memories as a child and teenager and adult in Syria not to fade away forever.

This exposition will be inaugurated during the first half of June in Palexco Expositions Hall, in A Coruña.



Ali Ali

Afincado en A Coruña desde hace mas de una década trata de dar voz a
sus compatriotas con su lucha personal a través del arte.

Desde hace ya un año Ali Ali trabaja en el que quizás sea el proyecto mas importante de su trayectoria como artista: una exposición multidisciplinar que tendrá fotografía, grabado, pintura, escultura y música. La usar como ‘arma’ para denunciar la situación de los refugiados sirios en Europa, reivindicando que sus recuerdos de niño, adolescente y adulto en Siria no se borren para siempre


Junio 15 (Jueves) - Julio 25 (Martes)


Sala Palexco

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