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Numbers and frightful images fill the newspapers every day to realise of the drama of thousands of people who every day have to leave their territories moved by the hunger, the misery, the violence, the lack of expectations or the war. Due to the disinformation, the lack of interest or the biggest magnitude of the problematics, a wide part of our societies continues living at the expense of others through this conflict that shakes the world, from Melilla border fence to the problematics of the refugees. The aim of this artistic proposal, designed and coordinated by the artist native of Coruña Daniel Remeseiro, is the social awareness about this topic, understanding that far from us being foreign, all the people we are a part of this problem, and also of the possible solutions.

The intervention in the urban spaces appears as an unsurpassable opportunity for education, for the interculturality and the reflection and the debate groups. The type of selected intervention is the urban installation, understanding that this one fulfils a function that goes far beyond of the ornamentation. “The Frontier Sea” has a marked aesthetic sense, social and cultural, promoting the collective reflection on an absolutely urgent topic in our society and transmitting ideas and emotions.

The situation in an urban enclave of visibility allows to break the cultural habitual dynamics, expanding the message to groups and people who stay often out of these spaces or circuits. The content of the artistic offer allows to articulate the whole project of educational and social action around it, which helps to spread the message, promotes the collective reflection, and brings over to the art to public heterogeneous that normally remain foreign this type of interventions.



Daniel Remeseiro

Daniel Remeseiro Rodríguez.


A Coruña (1950). Self-taught formation.

Daniel Remeseiro is a multidisciplinary artist who develops his work in the city of Coruña. His incessant curiosity for the world that surrounds us transforms it in a polyhedric work, using techniques, styles and diverse contents. “Bosque”, “Fábulas”, “Oz” y “Oza”, are only some of his series, where the recycling and the reutilisation of elements are totally present.

His critical look of the social problems are included in his creations, full of colour and life, which approach matters as the migrations.

Olga Romasanta


Junio 15 (Jueves) - Julio 25 (Martes)


Piscinas del Kiosco Alfonso

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