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Katsikas Camp Drawings


Kawa Abdulaziz Haj

Kawa Abdulaziz Haji and his family run away from the Syrian Kurdistan to the Iraqi Kurdistan. They had to pay 1.500 $ to the gangsters in order to be included in the travel. From Iraq they went to Turkey, paying 800$ more. The turkish police arrested them and they were in prison for fifteen days. It cost them 150$ more to reach from Turkish prison to the coast. Finally, they went by boat from Turkey to Chios island, in Greece, paying 3.200$ for both his and his wife passage and 800$ for their three children passages.

During the sailing they were absolutely scared, in the dark night, with wild winds, storms and rain. Kawa is a great artist. He has got a degree on Fine Arts from Hasakah Institute and he worked reforming and decorating houses when he lived in Syria.

Now he and his family want to go to Germany, Nederland, Switzerland or Spain. Currently they don´t have economic recourses and two of their children are in bad health conditions.


Junio 15 (Jueves) - Julio 25 (Martes)


Casa museo Casares Quiroga

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