Noelia García (MSF) & J. Quindimil (UDC)

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Crisis of refugees in the Mediterranean: “legality and reality” in the crisis of refugees in the Mediterranean.

Encounter between Noelia Garcia, Medical Team Leader in him Dignity I of Médecins Sans Frontières and Professor and Doctor of Law Jorge Quindimil of the University of A Coruña


Noelia García Rodríguez

Noelia García Rodríguez

Noelia García Rodríguez has a Bachelor Degree of nursing, Master of Tropical Medicine and International Health, Post-graduate of surgery nursing and Bachelor degree of Anthropology.

She began her professional experience with Doctors without Borders in 2004 working in mobile clinics in Angola. From there she was reconciling her work in different hospitals and clinics in Spain with outings on the ground with MSF, working in different positions, projects and places with the organization: Nurse Activity Manager of the Nutritional Ambulatory Program in Sudan (Darfur), Ethiopia and Yemen; Project Medical Referent (Set up of a Maternity) in Somalia; Nurse Activity Manager in Meningitis Outbreak (Mass vaccination campaign) in Nigeria; Project Medical Referent in Cholera Emergency in Haiti; Project Medical referent in regular project (Hospital, mobile clinics and nutrition) in Ethiopia; Hospital manager (Hospital with surgical capacity) in Syria; Medical Coordinator in Meningitis outbreak in South Sudan (Malakal); Nurse Activity Manager (Medical responsible for the OPD activities) and coaching/preparation of other nurses in carrying vaccination campaigns in Syria; Project Medical Referent in pediatric project in Guinea Bissau, in South Sudan and in Dignity I; Medical Coordinator in Yellow Fever outbreak in Angola.

In addition, she has also carried out training in the course of meningitis, in the course of Emergency Response. She is currently working as a support for the learning referent of the Medical Department.

Jorge Quindimil

Jorge Quindimil

Jorge Quindimil is a professor of Public International Law, European Community Law and International Relations in Coruña University and he has got a doctorate in Law from Coruna University.

He is member of European Studies University Institute “Salvador de Madariaga” and he is member of the group of investigation about current matters of international and European law of Coruña University.

He is the author of several publications about international law, European Community Law and Integration Law. Related to his Latin American publications, Instituciones y Derecho de la comunidad andina monography stands out, as well as articles and chapters in books related to integration as a factor of development, international migrations, cultural dimension of integration, national appreciation margin, communitarian judicial system, native nations, people freedom of circulation, communitarian citizenship, relationship with European Union and security in maritime borders or maritime delimitation.


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