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Photo projection and chat with Juan Medina and Sergi Cámara


Juan Medina

Juan Medina

Buenos Aires 1963
Reuter’s photographer resident in Madrid. Over the past years he has covered with special interest African migratory journeys to the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla, covering also transit and origin countries as Mali, Senegal, Mauritania and Morocco.

He has participated and exhibited his work in the Forum “Enciende Africa”, the Tenerife Biennial of Photography, International Meetings of Photojournalism in Gijón, Oleiros, Vitoria, Caja Duero exhibition hall in Valladolid, Consulado del Mar in Burgos, La Casa Encendida in Madrid, Visa pour l’Image in Perpignan, Centro Internazionale de Fotografía in Milan, Exhibition Palace in Bamako, Fait et Cause Gallery in Paris, Host Gallery in London, Shombourg Center in New York, Biagiotti Gallery in Florence and Espacio Multiarte SIGEN for the Festival de la Luz in Buenos Aires, and others.

He was awarded with 3rd FotoPrés 2003 Prize, 3rd World Press Photo Award spot news 2005, 1st FotoPrés 2005 Prize, International Photojournalism Award City of Gijón 2005, Care International Award 2005, 1st Picture of the Year Lead Awards 2007, 3rd Award Arts and Culture news in the China International Press Photo Contest 2010 and 3rd Award Portraits category in the Atlanta Photojournalism Seminar Contest 2014.

Sergi Cámara

Sergi Cámara

Vic / Barcelona /1970

Documentary photographer, with experience in documentary works for media and cooperation organizations more than ten years in countries like Ruanda, Nigeria, Niger, Mali, Algeria, Sur Sudan, Ethiopia, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Panamá, Haiti, Yemen and Madagascar.
His work is focused in migrations from Africa to Europe, and also refugees. He had work for more than ten years in Spanish south border, in Melilla and Ceuta. In 2015 he performed the same route as refugees do from Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary, Croatia and Austria.
He worked for several organizations as: International Cooperation “Fundació La Caixa” where he worked documenting projects for expositions in Caixa Fórum Madrid and Barcelona. This work was performed in Ruanda, about Congo refugees displaced to Ruanda.

JRS (Jesuit Services to International refugee), where he worked documenting projects in Colombia, Venezuela, Panamá, Dominican Republic and Haiti.

Entreculturas, communication department, about works performed in Sur Sudan, Ethiopia and Madagascar. Generalitat de Cataluña, Welfare department, where he worked in a communicative- expositive work “Refugees odyssey to Europe”.


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Plaza das Conchiñas

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