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1026. (Ante la situación de los refugiados)

Installation, loop reproduction Audio 02:35 min
1026 birds made of plaster
Variable measurements
Date: 2016

Is an installation of several representations of dead birds made of plaster (a metaphor of the thousands of people that, trying to flee from war, die in the sea); these representations are reinforced by the screening of a sea that floods the pieces and the voice that takes the victims out of anonymity. This is exactly what I was looking for: to show my answer as a western spectator of the news concerning refugees and the non-sense of violence.

I want the spectator to stop and think, to make a deep reflection and to understand the suffering of other human beings and the fact that we all belong to the same world and that we must take an interest in it because what is happening is not outside Europe like we are supposed to believe; this situation has been happening step by step and we had a constant influence in it.

Our daily routine is being fed by physical and verbal violence, social aggressiveness and personal exclusion, and many times we feel impotence. On the other side, to represent violence literally we are tempted to create more violence, materializing more violence. Violence creates images constantly, horrifying images that fill up the news to whom we are getting used. I try to keep away from this explicit images, because it seems not logical for me to condemn something creating the same thing, confronting this images, working with them and creating a metaphoric answer that invites us to stop and think about what is happening, opening new ways to future interpretations.

This project is focused in violence, especially in the consequences. The original idea was the representation of the victims through birds figures, symbolizing freedom.

I represent dead birds and display them on the ground to allude refugees, that are inevitably related. The sound takes an important role and I use it to take out of anonymity the large amount of victims dead in the see during this years, when trying to cross the Mediterraan Sea to achieve a better life.

Mentioning them name by name dignifies and bring them out of the crowd, because they are human beings, not only numbers.

The names that I mention were extracted from a 22.394 list of asylum applicants, refugees and migrants dead because of reactive politic of European Union since January 1993 to April 2015.

Art provides a definitive evidence that other media don´t because they only provide fast and brief information. The result I expect it that this work serves as a tool to better understand that each death is important, it´s not only about numbers shown in news, they have a name, they are human beings.



Andrea Torres

Andrea Domínguez Torres

(Pontevedra 1993)

She has got a Fine Arts Degree, Vigo University 2011-2015.

Máster´s degree in contemporary art. Creation and investigation (2015-2016) and currently she is preparing her doctorate degree in contemporary art in the same university.

She exposed her Works in several collective expositions like:

  • ISO SEGUE O SEU CURSO, in Sexto Edificio del Museo de Pontevedra. 2016
  • DO FIN E DO COMEZO in Pazo da Cultura from Pontevedra. 2015
  • Libro de Artista in Sargadelos place from Pontevedra. 2014
  • SINCRONIZA (multidisciplinary action) in Cine Adriano from Fene. 2016
  • ATALAYA  Project in Cangas do Morrazo Auditory. 2017, and more.

She has been also granted with a scholarship in “Young initiative program” in Palabra de artista project (2016) had has been awarded with the first price in experimental video cathegory.

of XIII audiovisual creation contest created by Vigo University (2015)


Junio 15 (Jueves) - Julio 25 (Martes)


Sala exposiciones Salvador de Madariaga

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