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Seeking refuge for my children.

Since early August 2015 and for 150 days on the ground, the camera of thephotojournalist Javier Bauluz travels with mothers, fathers and childrenseeking for a safe place to live during their long trip towards the heart ofEurope.

The route starts from the arrival at the islands of Lesbos and Kos, in Greece,where they land after a short and dangerous cruise across the Aegean from thecoast of Turkey. Once in continental Europe the journey of syrian, afghan andiraqi families continues through Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary, AustriaGermany, Holland and France.

A long and difficult way by foot following the train tracks, through trails,motorways, on bus or on board obsolete and old Balkan railways.

The fact that the protagonists are parents and children favors empathy andviewer identification with this people who, like any of us, run away from war tosave their lives and their children’s.

Bauluz focuses on emotions, crucial moments and personal relationships thatshow us universality that makes us humans and equals.



Javier Bauluz.

(1960, Spain. Photojournalist)

Pulitzer Prize 1995, Human Rights in Journalism Award 2008 and in 2016 forhis work “Seeking refuge for my children”.

He covered wars and conflicts in Bosnia, Rwanda, Chiapas, Berlín, Chile, Perú,Guatemala, Spain, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Panama, Palestine, Israel,Marruecos, Sahara, Kosovo, Senegal, Cuba, Lebanon, Mauritania, etc. He iscovering migration and refugees since 1996.
He worked for international news agencies such as Associated Press, Reutersand Gamma. Publications in The New York Times, Washington Post, Liberation,The Independent, Der Spiegel, El País, El Mundo, La Vanguardia, Cambio 16,Interviú, Newsweek, Time, GEO, Magazine, Courier International, Veja, Stern,Univision…

Director and founder of Periodismo Humano. (Human Journalism) A winningaward professional media focusing on Human Rights since 2010.

Director of “International Festival of Photojournalism Gijon”, Spain since1997.Promoter of the Manifesto of Journalism and Human Rights in 2008.

Director of documentaries about human rights as “Noticias de los Nadies” 2008.

Associated professor in the IE University 2014- 2016, the Pompeu FabraUniversity 2012, director of the Oviedo University photojournalism workshop2000-2012 and lecturer in many others universities as Washington, Barcelona,Cádiz, Valencia, Sevilla, Cádiz, etc.


Junio 15 (Jueves) - Julio 25 (Martes)


Obelisco / Marina / Puerta Real

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