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I arrived at Greece on May 22, 2016 when Idomeni camp was just being evacuated. Idomeni was a camp were thousands of people survived while they waited their chance to pass the border to Macedonia to be able to reach Germany or Nederland.

All the families that couldn´t access Idomeni camp, were waiting in other camps, Eko, Hara, BP nearby. Thousands of people that flee from war, surviving in small camp tents gave by NGOs or in bigger tents gave by bigger NGOs.

When I arrived for the first time to the camp what surprised me the most was the large amount of children that swarmed around and I realized that most of them were families of working people that had lost everything, clinging to the hope of a new life for their children, that precious good. Their resolution to save their families hold their energy.

They are not invaders, nor terrorist, they are just families fleeing from terror, fleeing from the invasion imposed by world powers, and also Europe and Spain, that are fighting an indecent battle to control the area, destroying their homes, their works, their schools, their lives.

This portrait collection is about what I saw and I felt there, families of working people that were snatched away from their lives.



Xosé Abad


(Figures – Girona)

He started his professional activity in 1979 as graphic correspondent for EFE agency, collaborating in different media. Several photography magazines and newspapers as National Geographic, Planeta Humano, El Semanal, El Pais, El Magazine and La Vanguardia has publish his works.

Abad is the promoter of web page “Photographers against war.

He has created and directed “Revela, International Forum of photography and society” touring in the main cities of Galicia. He was also awarded with the “friends of the Unesco” prize to his career in information and image as a social commitment 2007-2008.

He was the winner the first edition of Luis Ksado photography creation contest.

He had developed several documentary project in the last decades, as “O segredo da frouxeira” winner of Mexican International Festival of Cinema with “Contra el silencio, todas las voces” in “Human Rights” category.

He also won the first prize in Spring Festival of Cinema. He was nominated in Mestre Mateo contest to the best documentary “A pegada dos avós”, that was selected as best documentary in Mestre Mateo contest and in the third edition of Spring Festival of Cinema, the “ISAAC” about the multi-faceted galicianist Isaac Díaz Pardo.


Junio 15 (Jueves) - Julio 25 (Martes)


Sala de Exposiciones del Kiosco Alfonso

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